Radiant Nursing combines over 25 years of Nursing experience with the radiant, healing energy of The Radiance Technique® 

We’re all just walking
each other home.
— Ram Dass

Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others

We care for our family, friends, co-workers, colleagues. Our caring extends in even wider circles, to our neighbors, churches, community, country and even globally. We also take care of animals, plants, our environment and the planet.

Take a class with Radiant Nursing and learn The Radiance Technique®. It's not just for healthcare workers – it's for everyone – weaving radiant, healing energy into all the caring we do. 

Beginning right at the core – with you.


Authorized Instructor, Leslie Anneliese

... first studied The Radiance Technique® in 1982 when she was singing opera full-time with the San Francisco Opera Company.  

Since that long ago time, she has used TRT® in a myriad of situations and experiences:

  • Legal assistant working in downtown San Francisco
  • Nursing student at Johns Hopkins & University of Washington
  • Registered Nurse providing in-patient care in hospitals
  • Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, diagnosing and treating her own patients

Leslie Anneliese has a wide range of interests and hobbies. Keen on the notion of homemade foods, she enjoys bread baking, canning and fermentation. Languages are intriguing and her favorites are French, German, and Italian. Differences between American and British English are also a source of delight. 

The rich tapestry of European history holds a special interest for her. Then there's photography and, of course, meditation. The list goes on.

Leslie Anneliese brings TRT® and creativity to all of her endeavors.

Education and Training:

  • Authorized Instructor – The Official Teacher Training Program of The Radiance Technique® 
  • Master of Nursing, WHNP – University of Washington 
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing – Johns Hopkins University 
  • Bachelor of Art, Music – Central Washington University 

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Regarding the Content in the Blog for Radiant Nursing

In Hearts in the Wind, the blog for Radiant Nursing, there are references to different ideas and religions as well as quotes from all manner of religious figures and poets. You might find writings and photos about animals and nature, images with angels and deities, and various figures meditating such as a Buddha, a monk or a priest.

All of these references are used simply as an inspiration and an exploration of ideas. No proselytizing, preference or endorsement of any religion or belief is desired nor intended.

The Radiance Technique® is not a religion, cult or belief system.

TRT® is not associated with Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam, Wicca or any other particular religion.

TRT® is not in conflict with any religion or with any belief systems.

In fact, the beauty of TRT® is that it can be used with any religion of your choice, or with any belief system you have.

The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki® is a science of universal energy. TRT® does not require a belief system for it to work or for you to access universal energy once you have studied your degree with an Authorized Instructor.

This is a joyful freedom of The Radiance Technique®.