Paint Your Day With The Colors Of Love

Fill Your Day With Beautiful Colors

A glorious Radiant Heart morning to you.

Start your morning with radiant light and expanding love every day, rain or shine, with The Radiance Technique® (TRT®).

The Four Head Positions of TRT® Hands-on

Students of The Radiance Technique® can infuse greater Light into their morning with use of their TRT® hands-on.

Don't have time for a complete hands-on session? That's okay. No worries.

Anchor the start of your day in Light with the first four head positions of TRT®. You can always add in more hands-on throughout the day.

The Four Front Positions of TRT® Hands-on

"How exactly am I going to find the time?" you might ask.

Well, how about on your lunch break? Since you completed your four hands-on head positions first thing in the morning, you could now add in some of the next positions.

If you go to work, do you have any time to yourself, perhaps in an empty office?

If you work at home, is there someplace where you could have a quiet moment?

You could place yourself in a chair and complete the four front positions of the hands-on of TRT®. If you have an hour for lunch, with only 5 minutes per position, that's just 20 minutes. Forty minutes left for eating. I find this works best for me when I bring my lunch to work.

The Four Back Positions of TRT® Hands-on

Now you've only got 4 more positions to go. How about as you go to bed at night?

You could finish the four positions on your back as you ease yourself into sleep. What a great way to finish off the day by releasing stress and supporting yourself into a restful, healing night of sleep.

And voilà! Your entire hands-on session has been completed for the day.

All The Colors Of Love

Your life is an expression of all the many hues and shades of your love and caring. With The Radiance Technique®, you have a tool that is supportive through all the ups and downs -- bringing healing and balance to all the many dimensions of you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick up that paint brush and start adding all your favorite colors of love that bring joy to your heart.