Your Spiritual Journey

Traveling On A Spiritual Journey 

Do you view yourself as someone who is traveling on a spiritual journey?

Perhaps you are already using techniques to support your illumination.

The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can be combined with any other relaxation technique you may already use such as massageacupressure, or yoga, just to name a few. There is no conflict.

Combining TRT® with these techniques allows you to promote even deeper levels of relaxation and balancing.

The Radiance Technique® And Meditation

TRT® can also be used along with any other meditation technique. It always moves in the direction of greater light and expanding love. Use of TRT® by itself, or with other meditation techniques, helps you to illuminate and deepen your meditations further.

A Little More Light

Each and every time you use TRT® hands-on, you access healing, universal light which promotes increased clarity. TRT® is easy to use, yet profound in its depth of healing and relaxation because it interacts with all levels of your being.

With the clear light accessed by TRT®, your spiritual journey becomes lighter and brighter.

Discover for yourself the light and the beauty of The Radiance Technique®.