New Age, Old Age And Now Age

A Favorite Video

It's not a favorite video just because Patty Yuniverse (the main character) is adorable and funny with wonderful facial expressions – even though that's true.

What is striking about this video is how it was created with a loving sense of humor as Patty and her crew portray the caricatures of "new age speak."

Many videos with a similar theme miss the "loving" part.

Remembering Our New Age In San Francisco

I can't help but smile when I think back to when my dear friends and I lived in San Francisco in the 1980s. There we were, so many years ago, with all the vibrant energy of boundless youth. We scampered about, bantering nearly the same "new age" expressions.

Well, we didn't have the phrase, "I'm getting a download" since we lacked any personal computers in those days. (How did we get anything done back then?)

We did, however, have OM scarves just like in this photo. We also had incense, crystals, tarot cards, and yes, quantum physics. 

Even to this day a well-turned "New Age" phrase can be heard falling from our lips even though, with the movement of time, a shift to a more mainstream venue has occurred.

It's 2012!

Patty proclaims with equal joy and exasperation, "It's 2012!"

I can relate. More than once during 2012, you could hear me protest when things were moving too slowly, "For cryin' out loud, it's two thousand twelve!"

Maybe you can be new age at any age. Maybe even into old age. Perhaps it's just a variation on a theme.

Speaking of New Age aka the Age of Aquarius aka the Information Age – this video created by Elevate had well over one million viewings in less than a year's time. Talk about an immediate outreach unheard of in our last generations.

New Age Or Now Age?

Patty mentions in one of her other videos that perhaps "New Age" is a bit antiquated and that we might want to shift and call it "NOW age."

That has a nice ring to it. Now Age – why not? 

Whatever "age" we are, or about to be, I want The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) there with me. Use of TRT® brings healing, universal energy to all my activities and supports me on this bumpy road of life. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without it.

In today's "Now Age" we dream of an emphasis on loving and healing as the norm, woven in as a natural part of our lives. Of course, we'll also need to maintain a sense of humor and not take ourselves too seriously.

Remember when the Age of Aquarius was celebrated with this song from The Fifth Dimension?

In another age, it's 1969. Let the sun shine!

*YouTube video by Elevate used with permission