The Blog For Radiant Nursing

We Made A Change To Radiant Nursing

Radiant Nursing – more accurately reflects what we're doing here. It's been an organic process... starting out, trying it out, and discovering along the way.

What I found is that our blog is for Radiant Nursing. The marketing people holler "you are your brand" – but, in fact, that just doesn't work here.

Yes, I am the Authorized Instructor of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) for Radiant Nursing. But the real star here is The Radiance Technique®.

Hearts in the Wind – A Blog for Radiant Nursing

This blog represents Radiant Nursing and includes notes about the use of TRT®.

It has pictures and photos to inspire us along with sayings and quotes to encourage us. Naturally, some of my personality is expressed, but the main star is Radiant Nursing, not me, Leslie Anneliese.

True Freedom

Herein lies the real beauty – and freedom – of The Radiance Technique®.

TRT® is NOT based on the personality of the instructor; it is not based on any personal belief systems, dogma, ideas or ways of thinking. It is a science of universal energy for you to use in your life.

Your Authorized Instructor provides clear information about the technique, how to use it, and how to benefit from it in your daily life.

When you study The Radiance Technique® with an Authorized Instructor – you are receiving The Radiance Technique®Authentic Reiki® – the real, unchanged attunements that guarantee you access to whole, healing, and universal energy each and every time you use it.

It is the most definitive self-help technique you could want. Once you have studied your degree, it is yours for life.

Gratitude For This Technique

I am grateful for this technique, The Radiance Technique®, in my daily life.

I thought about just going on with my personal life and not teaching... but then, I realized that I really want you to have the chance to benefit from this supportive technique.

Because, believe me, taking a seminar in The Radiance Technique® is a game changer.

A life changer.

All in a way that is loving and supportive of you.

Try it. You'll see for yourself.