Olympic Games London 2012

The Summer Olympic Games

The Olympic Flame that burns throughout the Olympic Games can be held in your heart.

“But, it’s so commercialized,” a friend exclaimed.

Perhaps, but what today does not experience the effect of commercialism?  As soon as anything is out there amongst us, it takes on a commercial tinge.

I would say, go past that. Go deeper. The commercialism doesn’t have to stop you.

Find your way around the hidden corners and touch into the symbolism that has called to us throughout time. The ancient ones knew that a flame in this outer world points to and evokes the transcendental flame within all of us.

The Olympic Museum

In Lausanne, Switzerland, there is a complete collection of Olympic Torches in the Olympic Museum. You stand beside the torches, each with its unique story in the timeline of history. 

Walking there in 2007, I experienced a real moment that brought tears to my eyes, a touching into this eternal flame that we, as little humans, have tendered over the years.

Meditation With The Games

Using The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) in your meditations, you can be in touch with The  Games and activities. Applying your TRT® hands-on brings greater light to your awareness and to your participation, in your heart, with The Games. The hands-on is important in all degrees of TRT®.

For those at The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique®, you can direct to the Olympic Flame as it travels now throughout the British Isles. We can offer support that the Summer Olympic Games – London 2012 transpire in peace and goodwill. 

For those who have studied The First Degree of TRT®, you can image the Olympic Flame in your own heart while doing your hands-on. You can become more in touch with this flame on the outside and the transcendental flame within you.

You are invited. Go deeper and discover.