Adventures of Light With Radiant Touch®

Access More Light Within Your Radiant Touch®

Radiant Touch® – your hands have Radiant Touch® once you have studied The Radiance Technique® (TRT®).

Every time you apply Radiant Touch® to yourself or anything alive – you access universal, healing energy that is always moving in the direction of wholeness.

Universal energy interacts with you and your surroundings and benefits you, from the impersonal you of awakening to the details of your personal life.

Express Your Inner Radiance With TRT®

Your precious life – it's your own unique adventure.

Why not have more radiant light to shine along your way?

Apply TRT® and Radiant Touch® in your daily life to maintain supportive energy that blossoms from within to without. Ongoing use of this universal energy promotes an expansion of self-awareness and a deepening of the loving energies of your heart.


The Radiance Technique® – Radiant Touch®

It's so worth it. Access to more inner light can be yours now. 

Get started with a class of The Radiance Technique® taught by an Authorized Instructor.

Let the Adventures of Light begin.