TRTIA Conference 2015

The Radiance Technique® International Association (TRTIA)

To serve as a global resource for information and education concerning The Radiance Technique®; to preserve and protect the science of TRT®.
— Mission of TRTIA

TRTIA is celebrating 35 years as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to The Radiance Technique® (TRT®). This is a noteworthy feat as many not-for-profit organizations manage to last for only 5 years.

TRTIA is still going strong. 

Students of TRT® gathered from around the world for an international TRTIA Conference. People traveled from as far as Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and England, just to name some of the countries represented, and of course, many attendees were from the United States. At the Conference, we greeted old friends and shared hellos with new ones.

TRTIA held the conference in a first-class setting on the Florida Gulf beaches. The soft beauty of the Gulf waters presented us with gentle light at sunrise and fiery horizons at sunset.

Keynote Speaker

We were deeply honored to have Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D., the foremost authority on TRT®, as our keynote speaker. All were touched by her words of wisdom. There's always something for everyone.

We were expanded hearing how others are using TRT® in their lives. As we shared entries from The New Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, Third Edition, by Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D., we expanded our awareness and deepened our knowingness of principles of higher energy. 

While it's true we benefit every day from our personal use of TRT®, when we come together with other students of TRT®, there is an amplification of the healing energy. An opportunity to expand our love and to deepen our healing.

A New Book Introduced

A new book made its debut – the third installment in a trilogy of books. Entitled "This Moment in Time" III, The Awakening Journey®, Day by Day – this is a wonderful book that supports your journey of expanding awareness and spiritual growth.

Delightful "secrets of light" are sprinkled within its pages. The entries come alive with meaning when we connect them with our daily activities.

Combined with the first book, "This Moment in Time" and the second book, "This Moment in Time" II – you have a treasure trove of selections from the teachings of Dr. Barbara Ray.

Be sure to take a look at the TRTIA Online Store for other books and items.

A Time For Rejuvenation

Attending a TRTIA Conference is rejuvenating on many levels. The benefits are immeasurable, because they're not just on the outside. Your inner light is expanded from within when you participate in a Conference, whether you are there in person or connecting from the distance.

In our busy outer worlds, we need a time when we can gather together to replenish ourselves at a deeper level. We rejoice in the expansion of our light and learn from one another in our sharings.

To join with others who have studied The Radiance Technique® is an honor. In gathering together, our inner flames shine brighter.

The bonus is that this supportive energy continues to enrich your life even when the Conference is over and you have returned home.

Plan to attend the next conference.

Be Sure To Attend The Next Conference

Start setting aside a little nest egg NOW for you to attend the next TRTIA Conference. You'll be surprised how quickly it grows.

Then, when the announcement comes for the next conference dates, you'll be able to respond with a resounding, "Yes! Sign me up!" The money will already be there for you.

See you then. And until that joyous time, we'll be interconnected from within.


Love Is The Key For Healing

Love Is The Key

Years ago, at a TRTIA Conference, we were introduced to the song Love is the Key by Tuck & Patti. I had not heard it before – and I was happy to find this uplifting song that I might have otherwise been missed.

Love is the Key is filled with clues that lead us to healing and love. The song reminds us that while we have many personal loves of friends and family, there is also a wider, more expansive love that embraces a larger scope of people. The lyrics evoke the healing power of our universal hearts.

In a world of sadness and strife
You could help change somebody’s life
If love has made a difference to you
Help somebody else believe that it’s true

Here is the song:


The Radiance Technique® International Association, Inc. (TRTIA) is the international organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of...

The Radiance Technique® (TRT®), Authentic Reiki®, Real Reiki®, a complete intact Science of Universal, Radiant, Light energy, for present and future generations in perpetuity in global consciousness, harmony, healing/wholing and unconditional love.

Quoted above is the First Purpose of TRTIA.  For more uplifting information, take a look at all of the Purposes of TRTIA.

As a student of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®), I recommend attending a TRTIA Radiant Healing/Wholing Conference in person. 

The conference is a chance to learn more about TRTIA and its purposes. You will expand your knowledge about The Radiance Technique®. To share this healing technique with others, from around the world, is a treat not to be missed.

Expanding Your Healing Love

Students of TRT® have a tool to expand their love and to support themselves in their healing process. They also have a way to support and care for others.

Radiant Nursing embraces caring for yourself and others in its motto:

Radiant Nursing –
Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others

The Power Of Personal Healing

Don't underestimate the power of your personal healing. 

The more you heal yourself, the more you lift the energy on planet Earth. Everyone benefits. Our individual vibration, although unseen by the outer eye, touches and interconnects to everything.

It is with love that we heal ourselves and others.

As you go, so goes the world.


The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique®

Do you have questions about The Radiance Technique® (TRT®)?

Would you like to know more about Authentic Reiki®?

Here is the definitive book for you:

The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique®, Expanded Edition
by Barbara Ray, Ph.D.


The Radiance Technique® – Authentic Reiki® 

Dr. Barbara Ray, is the world's foremost authority on The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®. Her vast knowledge and scholarly background in Latin and Ancient Civilizations make her uniquely qualified on this subject. She holds a Ph.D. in Humanities with majors in Classics and Art History.

You can read more about Dr. Ray's background and how she came to be the holder of The Intact Master Keys of The Radiance Technique® at the official website of The Radiance Technique® International Association, Inc. (TRTIA).

Part I – The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique®

In the first half of The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique®, you will find information about a powerful and profound technique that has been made available to us today.

In the first chapter, Dr. Ray warmly invites us to this discovery process:

Now that you have this book about TRT (The Radiance Technique®), relax, make yourself comfortable, and allow yourself to be open to some new ideas.
Make the reading of this book an opportunity for learning, growing, and transforming, as well as for integrating new concepts and affirming some you already had.
— Dr. Barbara Day, Ph.D.

This first section is comprised of eight chapters and covers such topics as The Wholistic Model and The Radiance Technique®: A Science of Transcendental, Light Energy.

Also included is the Origin of The Radiance Technique®.

Part II – The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique®

The second part of the book takes you into the use of The Radiance Technique® and how it makes a difference in your own life. Vital topics are covered such as how to use TRT® to help you decrease stress and increase relaxation – that is always needed in our busy, stressful lives.

How do you use The Radiance Technique® even when you are given a diagnosis of cancer?

The chapter on cancer explores how you can support yourself with TRT® through illness and recovery, wherever your journey may lead.

Another chapter also discusses the use of TRT® with our beloved pets and all animals as well as with plants.

Animals and plants exhibit an awareness different from ours, yet they share with us intelligence, natural growth cycles, health, disease, and death.
Different does not mean inferior!
— Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D.

Not to be missed is the chapter on death and dying. I read it over 30 years ago and I continue to refer to it.

Death is not a disease. ...
Death is not a final termination of your being. ...
In truth, it is a glorious moment of ‘birthing’ of ourselves into a new existence. Dying and death are a process in which we are utterly and completely involved from the moment of our physical birth.
— Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D.

I am still learning from this chapter in the book and, in a sense, growing into it.

In Dr. Ray's writings, there is always more to learn from the deeper energies behind the words on the page.

A Journey Of Discovery

Reading this book will take you on a journey of discovery.*

New vistas of understanding are available to you.

You are personally invited.

If you can't wait to get started, download a Kindle edition of The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique® and start reading today.

Joyful journeys.


*Please note that you cannot learn The Radiance Technique®
from a book. You must study with an Authorized Instructor.

This book will provide you with clear information
about TRT® and is a supportive addition for your TRT® classes.