Teaching: The First Degree and The Second Degree of
The Radiance Technique®

Let the Healing of your Heart begin...

The First Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®

The First Degree is the gateway to The Radiance Technique® and your access to universal energy.

As part of the science of TRT® and included in your class, you receive four activations called Attunements. These Attunements expand the radiant universal energy already within you. Taking a class with an Authorized Instructor ensures that you will receive the correct Attunements without any changes or alterations to this process. 

Through the inner plane science of TRT® – this expanded universal energy is focused in your hands and you then have Radiant Touch®. 

Your Radiant Touch® accesses universal energy each and every time it is used. Radiant Touch® is used to apply TRT® hands-on as a support for you, and others, in your daily life. TRT® is also deeply beneficial for our plants and animals.

The First Degree of The Radiance Technique® gives you the key, your key, to access universal, healing energy.

Bring more Love into your life with TRT®

The Second Degree Official Program of The Radiance Technique®

Your study of The Radiance Technique® begins with The First Degree. The First Degree of TRT® is a profound tool that accesses universal energy – in your Radiant Touch® and TRT® hands-on.

Once you have studied The Radiance Technique® – it is yours for life. It won't wear out, grow old or need a new version. Truly, you would not need to study any further degree of TRT®.

However, depending on your own interests and desire for deeper study, other degrees of TRT® are available. 

The Second Degree of TRT® is an advanced level of study of The Radiance Technique® and further expands your radiant universal energy. 

You learn a precise method of directing this universal energy to yourself and to others beyond the limitations of time and space. The Second Degree also expands and deepens your use of Radiant Touch®. TRT® hands-on is an important part of all The Seven Degrees of The Radiance Technique®.

See the Difference TRT® makes in your Life

Leslie Anneliese - Authorized Instructor

Leslie Anneliese brings to her classes more than 30 years of practical, "in the trenches" experience of using TRT® in her daily life.

As a full time Women's Health Nurse Practitioner in a busy obstetrics and gynecology clinic, Leslie Anneliese is familiar with the challenges and demands of a busy life and workplace. Working in patient care for over 20 years has given her many insights into caring for others, as well as caring for herself. 

Wherever your path in life may take you, Leslie helps you integrate the healing, supportive energy of TRT® into your activities and busy schedule.

It’s a privilege to be a student of The Seventh Degree of The Radiance Technique® and a deep honor to have studied personally with Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D., who is the foremost authority of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®.
— Leslie Anneliese