Radiant Nursing offers classes in The Radiance Technique®


Working in the medical field can be stressful with demands on all sides. Fortunately, I can use The Radiance Technique® to decrease my stress levels even on the job.

In my time off, I use TRT® to replenish my energy. This allows me to not feel depleted by work demands.

By caring for myself, I am able to care for others.
— Leslie Anneliese
Since I’ve been using TRT® in my work, I feel more at ease with myself and my work — which translates to more efficiency and creativity.

Creativity is very crucial in my work. Being balanced by this energy leaves the lines open for creativity to flow.
— K. Davridge*
I don’t want this to sound too dramatic but TRT® has changed my life for the better.

There may not be less stress in my life because I have no control over what presents itself to me. I have a very stressful job.

However, TRT® has given me the tools to deal with the stress.
— G. Montana*
I use hands-on (TRT®) every day with myself to banish stress, to replenish my vitality, and to experience peace in the midst of all my troubles. Self-renewal is just a touch away.

TRT® is so effortless that I don’t have to be mental when I want to help myself.

I just put my hands on my body, and somehow I always feel better, no matter how I felt moments before.
— W. Bridge*
My hands are now very powerful, yet gentle tools that I use for my own benefit and for the benefit of others.
— S. Moormeister**


Quoted with permission from the following books:   
*The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki® – Managing Stress, by Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D.   
**The Radiance Technique® and AIDS, by Van R. Ault    



Empowering You in Wholeness 

Healing is not about having a "perfect" life – whatever that would be. It's about being fully present with the process of our human lives; in our hearts and in our souls.

Learn The Radiance Technique® and you learn a technique that supports you to participate wholly with your life's process – in illness and in health. You are able to provide yourself, and others, real support. You don't have to feel helpless or powerless in the face of challenging situations.

TRT® is not a panacea or placebo. You still go through whatever process you may face, but you have radiant support from within. You're able to provide that for yourself.

Fully. Deeply. Completely real.


To heal is to unify the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual selves into an integrated and harmonious whole.
To cure is to eliminate a demonstrable disease process.
One can be healed without being cured.
— Bruce Hopkins, LMT