The First Degree and The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique®


The Radiance Technique® is an intact, carefully preserved science of universal energy

TRT® is a transformative science and healing art that opens the door to inner knowledge – to inner light.
Use of TRT® can give the gift of insight, of creativity, of healing, and of making whole.
— Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D.

From the book The 'Reiki' Factor in The Radiance Technique® – written by Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D., who is the world's foremost authority on The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®.
Quoted with permission.



The Radiance Technique® – (TRT®) also known as Authentic Reiki®, Real Reiki®, is a science of universal energy. TRT® allows you to access radiant, universal energy each and every time you use it. Since you access transcendental energy that is whole and universal, it is always safe and harmless.

The Radiance Technique® is a precise technique that balances and aligns your energies with universal energy and wholeness, throughout your entire body-mind-spirit dynamic.

Once you study TRT® – you then apply it in your daily life. TRT® enhances any other complementary therapy or meditation.


Live your life in tune with your Authentic Self


The benefits in your daily life: 

  • TRT® reduces stress, promotes relaxation and healing
  • TRT® balances your physical, emotional and mental levels

Want to increase your productivity and creativity? 

  • TRT® adds intuitive fire to your projects

In need of centering and meditation?

  • TRT® deepens your meditations and illuminates your spiritual journey

Be who you were always meant to Be


Let your Authentic Self shine – rediscover your genuine, Real Self through your use of TRT®. The Radiance Technique® promotes your natural energy balancing and takes you in the direction of your wholeness.  

Everyone, young and old, benefits with TRT® in their lives.

Use TRT® for specific relaxation sessions as well as on-the-spot balancing. Being able to use TRT® during your day – on the job, running errands, online or watching tv, whatever you are doing – is one of the great benefits of this technique that helps with stress reduction.

The Radiance Technique® is comprised of Seven Degrees. Each successive degree is a more advanced level of study.