The Beauty Of Dawn


The Quiet Beauty Of Dawn

Early to rise, you're still in the lingering darkness of night. A faint lightening of the horizon tells you dawn is on its way. A hush is felt with this awakening, a need to whisper so as not to disturb small creatures as they begin to stir. No need to scream or yell, anticipation tucks its paws under and quietly waits.

A Poem By Rumi

You're grateful to be awake so early this morning and even more pleased that you're up and outside already. You can feel this rarefied moment rolling within you as if the beginning of time is calling your name.

It brings to mind the poem by Rumi. You have no desire to go back to sleep. The words play silently on your lips. Don't go back to sleep. 

No, sleep is out of the question. Not because you can't, but because you don't want to sleep. Not now, not while you stand witness to an awakening.

Dawn Spills Across The Sky

Gathering momentum, dawn spills across the sky scattering pigments across miles of space. It's the promise of a sun that has come to warm us, to bring us to life.

A sun upon which we are utterly dependent. When the sun snuffs out, the Earth will expire with it.

Today, however, such thoughts are whisked away on threads of pink and they evaporate in a brightening sky.

Today is here. Today is now. Today we rejoice at another dawn.

Let us lift our hearts in the wonder of our fragile existence and in the strength of our courage to face another day. For this day we have been given.

Savor the gift.