Dahlia Flowers

City Flower of Seattle

Although I've lived in the Seattle area before, now that I'm "settling down," I'm learning more details about this place that I'll be calling home.

One thing I discovered through Seattle Refined – a television program dedicated to all the ins-and-outs of the Seattle area – is that Seattle has a city flower. It's the Dahlia.

Ordinance 32137, approved November 19, 1913, established the dahlia as the City’s official flower and requested that the Park Board of the City plant and cultivate the flower in suitable quantities to make effective displays in the City parks.
— Seattle City Symbols

In this post is a set of photos of Dahlias that I took with my iPhone 7. These flowers were blooming with wild abandon even at the end of September.

In this first photo, I was lucky to share a dahlia with a busy bee. His wings were buzzing so quickly that you can scarcely see them. The rich yellow of his body contrasts with the red intensity of the flower. 

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Flowers speak to our hearts. I was lucky to discover an entire garden dedicated to Dahlias in the town of Silverdale which is just across the water from Seattle. It's an interesting little patch that was cultivated and located at the town's post office. 

I've been there before, running into the post office to take care of mailing errands. I had not paid attention to these sweet flowers blooming in all their glory.

When I finally noticed, it was a great reminder to increase my awareness of my surroundings and to "stop and smell the roses" – or in this case, the dahlias. There's often some truth to be found in an old adage.

Dance With The Flowers

I loved taking the time to wander in the garden, snapping pictures with my phone camera. Standing amidst so many flowers, all singing their melodious songs, my spirit was filled with wonder and appreciation for nature.

Gratitude washed over me to be with the open hearts of these flowers in all their many shapes and sizes. We shared a dance of our spirits.

Many Variations Of Dahlias

Dahlia flowers have many variations in their shapes, colors and petals. In the photo above, this one appears to have a fire burning within.

I was surprised to learn that Dahlias originated from Mexico and Central America since The Pacific Northwest is markedly cooler and wetter than those areas. However, a post about growing Dahlias had this to say:

Although dahlias are native to the highland areas of Mexico and Central America, they are particularly fond of our cool-summer Northwest Coast climate in Washington State, and it’s easy for anyone to grow them to perfection with very little care.
— Puget Sound Dahlia Association

Gardens As Sweet As Your Smile

Wistful inner petals encircled the nectar-filled jewel at the center of this lavender flower above. Its feathered patterns enchanted both pollinators and me. I was intrigued that it, too, was a Dahlia.

The Old Farmers Almanac informs us that the Dahlia was named for Anders Dahl (botanist), born on 17 March 1751.

The Dahlia you brought to our isle
Your praises forever shall speak
‘Mid gardens as sweet as your smile
And colour as bright as your cheek.
— Lord Holland (1773-1840)

Dahlias Are Magical

For students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®), it's possible to share and direct radiant energy with plants and flowers. One way is with TRT® hands-on by gently cupping your hands around a flower.

Your Radiant Touch® accesses universal energy and expands upon the wholeness that is within both you and the flower. It can be a wonderful exchange between universal hearts.

Did you know that the city of Seattle has an official flower?
It’s the beautiful dahlia, and there is nowhere better to see them than the Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden, and no better time than August - when they’re in full bloom.
— Seattle Refined

In the dahlia garden, there were many more flowers in colors of orange, yellow and white. There wasn't enough time to photograph them all.

Next season, when dahlias are blooming, I hope to capture more photos of these flowers that are like magical fairies. A visit to Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden is on the books.