Happy New Year

Welcome 2017

Time races across the centuries and another year ticks past. A year doesn't meander anymore, it rushes past like an out-of-control wildfire. 

Say hello to 2017. 

You Are The Burning Flame

Many would say 2016 was a wild year. Ups, downs and inside-out. Wins and losses. Strong polarities that pulled people apart and gathered others together. 

Don't let the events of the outer world dim your inner fire. Stand steady in your heart. 

You are the spiral. You are the burning flame within the flower of your expression.

Students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can keep their inner flame burning bright with use of TRT®. 

Stoke the fire within by daily use of TRT® hands-on. When it seems the darkest is when even more hands-on is called for.

Sometimes, in our most difficult moments, all we can do is close our eyes, breathe and do TRT® hands-on. With TRT®, we have a precise way to access universal energy and the fire within us is always expanded.

Keep Your Flame Burning Bright

Your life spark fires from within your innermost temple
no one can reach there but you
it is your inner sacred sanctum…
you are your own master there
only you can reach and ignite your fire!
— Osho

Happy New Year. Keep burning bright.