The Kiss Of The Olympic Flame

Passing The Olympic Flame

When the torchbearers in the Olympic Torch Relay pass the Olympic Flame from one torch to another, it is called "The Kiss."

I discovered this when I was visiting friends in England as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London were about to begin.

I heard someone say, "The Kiss will take place a block from where I live." Never sure if I'm hearing another unfamiliar British English-ism, I checked in for a translation and clarified its meaning.

Come to find out, we were talking about the Olympic Flame passing from one torch to another as it journeyed throughout Britain.

The Olympic Flame Travels The British Isles

The Olympic Flame went on a journey of 70 days and 8000 miles that covered all corners of the British Isles.  Everyone was a-buzz about the Olympic Flame passing through their towns and villages. I loved hearing their stories. This Olympic Flame seemed to connect with people emotionally, even those who previously thought it wasn't all that interesting.

Many people were able to take time off from work to be there in person. They would patiently stand on the sidewalks with everyone else from their town as they waited for the Flame to pass

One woman went out to the street with her mother to watch the Olympic Flame make its appearance. She recounted how they were initially there more out of curiosity than anything else.

However, as the Olympic Flame drew near, people around them became hushed with anticipation as if something wondrous were about to happen. She and her mother found themselves caught up with other spectators in a warm camaraderie.

People called out to one another in muted, respectful voices, "It's coming, it's coming!"

Everyone marveled as the Torchbearer drew near with the Olympic Flame held high. There was something about this Olympic Flame, this Light, that represented all of them in a spirit of goodwill.

Then, as the Flame passed by, both she and her mother began to cry. Quiet tears rolled down their faces as they looked from the Flame to one another. She said they felt their hearts opening and expanding. 

It was entirely unexpected. She couldn't explain why.

The Flame Is Symbolic Of Greater Light

Cherished and protected, the Olympic Flame is kept burning throughout the Games as a reminder of the goodwill and cooperation between nations. The Flame evokes something that is timeless within us; the connection of an inner flame.

We all share in the duty of keeping the Light burning bright against all odds. People could sense this, even if they couldn't put it into words.

Students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can participate in the passing of the Olympic Flame with use of TRT® hands-on whether you are there in person or while you are watching it on television. You can also direct to the events with The Second Degree of TRT®.

One Torch Lights Another, And Then Another

Originally lit from the sun in Greece, the Olympic Flame was carried by 8000 people around the British Isles traveling through rain and shine. People from around the world, with modern means of communication such as Facebook, followed its light-filled journey.

The Olympic Flame is for everyone.

Let the Games begin.