Talk Like A Pirate Day

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day

Every year on this day, 19 September, you'll hear a cacophony of "Arrgggh!" being growled as people celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

What in the world?

Yes, as recently as 2002, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is now an "official" celebration.

It all started when two guys were playing racquetball, (of all things, they weren't even sailing) in 1995. They found that they hit a better game when they used "pirate terms and slang." Thus, was born an official Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Initially, it just remained a fun game among friends. However, once a syndicated columnist got ahold of the story, the rest was, as they always say, history.

I won't try to paraphrase the whole adventure, you can check it out in their own words here.

Treasure Pirate Ship

Celebrating The Radiance Technique® – Whatever You Do

There actually is a point to this unlikely topic about talking like pirates, here in a blog where we're Celebrating The Radiance Technique®.

An important part of this celebration is bringing radiant energy to all that you do.

Getting Involved In Pirate Day Talk

I was vaguely aware of Talk Like A Pirate Day, but had not given it much thought. That is, until I went to work in a hospital where the commander embraced Talk Like A Pirate Day as a way to have fun and lift morale. You could hear him calling out an "Arrggh" on occasion with a broad smile on his face as he moved about the hospital on rounds.

I was tipped over the top into the adventure when Talk Like a Pirate Day was approaching and the commander invited hospital personnel to dress up and talk like pirates (G-rated, of course).

Well, who could say no? A pirate oufit at work and a chance to practice saying "arrrgh" and "avast"? The actress in me couldn't resist.

Off I went to hunt up a pirate outfit and had wonderful fun finding doubloons and swords and tri-corner hats. Pirates have a full and rich history from those sailing days.

How delightful to learn "pirate terms" and ways of speaking from the 1700s. You'll note you can't just say "it's a nice ship." It has to be: "she be a mighty, fine, grand ship." All hyperbole is welcomed. And always talk in the present, everything is "be" - I be, you be and we be!

If in doubt, you can always refer to a pirate dictionary such as The Pirate Primer. Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues, by George Choundas.

Cap'n Leslie

Hospital Lightens Up With Talk Like A Pirate Day

While I thought our Pirate Day at the hospital would be pleasant, I was not prepared for the lift in the mood of everyone who was there that day. It wasn't just for the hospital personnel. All the patients had a lot more smiles too.

My heart was touched by the wonder and rapt attention from the children when they saw a full costume. They couldn't tear their eyes away and always reached out to say hi or wave, even from across the room. They loved it.

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Be Ye Ready Fer A Mighty Fine Pirate Day?

Now me matey, I had to take this mighty Talk Like A Pirate Day even further in light and devised my own up-the-spiral idea of a Meditating Pirate in search of the Booty of Awakening and the Shores of Enlightenment.

Here is my Captain's Call for the great sea voyage:

Ahoy, me hearties!

Aye, I be the swashbucklin'  Cap'n Leslie

of this here great, grand ship and she be the finest that e'er sailed these mighty, wild seas.

Me an' me maties, we be searchin' fer the Booty of Awakening an' our compass be set fer the Shores of Enlightenment.

I not be lyin' to yer strong heart, 'tis a long an' dangerous sailing. Arrrgh, Davy Jones Locker be near, but me crew be the finest, bravest buccaneers ye e'er seen! Yo ho!

Savvy, matey? 'Tis a mighty, sharp saber I be carryin' fer to slice through illusions and a quick, ready pistol fer to slay any demons on the harrowin' voyage to the ends of the earth.

Yaarrrrr, ye scurvy scallywag, be ye ready to weigh anchor and hoist the colours with me?

The sun be a-rising me worthies!

Avast ! Set a new course !


A Song To Talk Like A Pirate For At Least One Day

Lots of people have loads of fun with this day dressing up or even just saying "arrgggh" in their office at work. This song is a great description of the harmless escape into a Pirate Day while at work.

As the song says...

So hoist up the mainsils and shut down your brain cells,
they only would get in the way.  
Avast there, me hearty, we're havin' a party, it's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can bring more light to their outer activities, whatever they may be, through use of the TRT® hands-on. Use of TRT® can be on the spot, even while dressed in a costume of your choosing.

And you? Can you get into the light-hearted spirit of Talk Like A Pirate Day?


Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Movies

Disney is certainly in the pirate game with the series, Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a wild cast of characters, not the least of which is Captain Jack Sparrow. Many an inspiration for pirate costumes and ideas come from these movies. 

There are many activities at Disney World where you can explore the themes of Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the meantime, go forth, and growl yerself a mighty Arrgggh!

And... Remember, me matey: even a pirate can meditate.