The Queen Of England Always

God Save The Queen 

Queen Elizabeth II has always been Queen.

For my entire life, that is.

My mother lived in England during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II that took place on 02 June 1953. In the image on the right, I took a photo of the photos my mother took and framed, showing the street decorations that celebrated the coronation events. She kept them all these years.

My father, an officer in the United States Air Force, was stationed at Sculthorpe Airfield in England. My mother and he lived there for 3 years with Linda, my older sister. Linda attended English school from ages 5 to 8 and returned to the States with a charming English accent that sadly faded over time. However, throughout her life she remained intrigued by England and its long history.

My mother was pregnant with me while she was in England. It would have been nice to claim England as my birthplace, but my mother had other ideas and felt I should be born on American soil. Thus, she boarded a steamer and crossed the English Channel in time for the event.

Americans Enamored With British Royalty

I wonder if the American fascination with British royalty is based precisely upon the fact that we are not subject to them and can watch from afar without it much affecting our lives or our pocketbooks. Americans adore the pageantry that is sorely lacking in our own country.

Presidents come and go, and they're usually surrounded with such hyperbole and sardonic arguments that it can make it hard to enjoy them much. Our last and final "kingly" Camelot was swept away when gunshots rang out and our President slumped in the carseat of his motorcade.

We froze in horror with the death of John F. Kennedy.

I was quite young at the time, but I remember it nonetheless. I recall clutching a small American flag on a stick while watching Kennedy's funeral procession, standing in front of our black-and-white television set at home.

When The Queen Is No Longer Queen

How can there be a world without Queen Elizabeth? My world view will be quite unsettled when that inevitable time comes.

Perhaps because she is the age of my parents, I consider her to be a matriarchal figure watching over all of us.  Simply put, I haven't known a world without her.

The Queen has served honorably and well for these many years; her sense of duty brings dignity to all she does. She celebrated the 60th anniversary of her accession as Queen with the Diamond Jubilee in June 2012. The event was fêted throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Just to give an idea of her longevity in relation to our country and American politics, this long photo row captures Her Majesty in official engagements with 11 Presidents of the United States (she never met Johnson) during her reign. 

Would Queen Elizabeth Step Down?

One thought is that the Queen may one day step down and pass the baton to her son, Prince Charles. It would be better to have her step down, rather than die as Queen, don't you think? We could grow accustomed to the idea that she is no longer Queen without simultaneously grieving her physical loss from us. 

Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands did just this and passed the reins of the kingdom to her eldest son Willem-Alexander, who was the heir apparent to the throne. The Queen then reverted to being a Princess again. Princess Beatrix. 

Would Queen Elizabeth become a Princess again?

There's speculation that Prince Charles might not become King. He is quite busy with a legacy of charities and philanthropic work that he presently manages. He is already 66 years old, although with that being said, Her Majesty has reigned for 23 years since her age of 66.

If accession skips a generation, Prince William would become King. Here is a fascinating look from Business Insider predicting what will happen when the Queen dies and the chaos that will ensue. However, Prince William insists no generational skip will take place. 

An interesting shift will take place from a Queen ruling Britain to a return of Kings. The next royal rulers are all male: Prince Charles, Prince William and now Prince George.

Of course, this is assuming life marches forward without incident. Princess Charlotte could potentially become Queen if circumstances conspire in such a way that Prince George is unable to be King.

World Figures and Leaders

The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can be used in our meditations and for directing energy to world figures and heads of state, (whether we agree with them or not). Are there well-known people with whom you feel connected?

As we watch weddings, coronations or royal events on television, we can apply our TRT® hands-on, bringing greater light to ourselves and our participation, albeit from afar.

Even many miles away, we are interconnected with one another and we share the joys and sorrows within our hearts.

You'll Never Be Royal?

Lots of little girls like to dress up as a Disney Princess and lots of fathers call their little girls "Princess."

Our fairy tales are filled with Kings and Queens. Maybe there's just a little bit of royal in all of us.