Your Song Of Love

Celebrating Our Hearts

Valentine's Day comes only once a year, but we can celebrate our hearts every day of our lives.

It's the joy of letting our hearts sing with love all the time, in our many gestures throughout our days.

Defining Love

In our society, we typically think of love as being defined only between two people. Yet, most of our definitions of love are too limiting. Love is not confined to our friends and family.

We know love when we see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, when we gaze at the moon and the stars, when we stop to notice dewdrops on a blade of grass. Love expresses in a myriad of ways. Love flies in many dimensions.

It's possible to love everything. Our love is shared with animals, nature and our world that is all around us. Love is there when we answer the phone, prepare a meal, and tuck someone in at night.

Love reaches into the cellular level of our bodies and stretches out to the galaxies, far beyond our comprehension.

Fill Your Gestures With Love

Let all your daily gestures be filled with love. With use of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®), our ability to love experiences an expansion.

Every time we use our TRT® hands-on, we access universal love, effortlessly, whether we're sitting in a meditation, or using hands-on while driving, reading, walking or talking – whatever the activity. 

Real love unfolds naturally and quietly within us. Over time, we start to see how it expresses in our lives. 

Some people would like to diminish or limit love by judging it. We judge if it's a good love, a real love, or one that is worth more than the other.

Don't let anyone diminish your love. Keep right on loving.

Let your love move on the wind.

Let your Heart sing its love song.


Please take a look at Lada Ladik on Instagram who created the heart-felt artwork included in this post. She has many creative hearts to share.