Spring Is Springing Into The Equinox

Spring Equinox Is Upon Us

The calendar tells us that spring is about to make an entrance, even if we can't see it outside our windows.

Spring is certainly arriving on the West Coast here in California. The flowering pear trees are happily blooming in a profusion of white. In this photo, their eager blossoms are given an early morning kiss by the rising sun.

For the East Coast, I fear that Spring will arrive with a bit of a limp. Another "chilly front" is predicted there for the Spring Equinox. The weather pattern "favors below-average temperatures in the eastern states late in the week and into early next week, including the first day of astronomical spring on March 20."

The East has already struggled through quite a severe winter. February was the second-coldest February since modern records began in 1895 for the Northeast.

Whatever our temperatures, we will, nonetheless, greet the Spring Equinox as we reach the equal balance of light and dark before heading into our longer days of summer.

Students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can focus their meditations on this change of seasons. In particular, we can join our TRT® friends in the U.K. with their celebrations of the Spring Equinox. The Radiance Technique® Association for Great Britain (TRTAGB) has gone all out with planned events.

If you're able to be there in person, here are some of the activities offered.

Events for TRTAGB Spring Equinox Celebrations 2015

Thursday 19 March 3 – 5 pm: Meeting for alumni of The Third Degree 3A for Attunements and Directing at Woburn Walk, London, near Euston station. Followed by gathering for tea.

Friday 20 March: The New Moon is at 9.36 am. In Britain, the Eclipse begins about 8.30 as the moon begins to touch the edge of the Sun, reaching a maximum around 9.30 and moving away by 10.30. In the evening the Equinox is at 22.45.

Saturday 21 March: Morning meeting for TRT® Hands-on and Directing near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Sunday 22 March: Meeting for TRT® Hands-on in Leicestershire

Monday 23 March: Visit Leicester Cathedral to participate in the historic Richard III ceremonial.


Doesn't all of that sound delightful? How I wish I could be there for the Richard III ceremony. The story of a King fallen in battle, and then whose remains were discovered under a parking lot, has captured the imagination of the world.

The Richard III ceremonial is just one of the events of this Spring Equinox.

The Richard III ceremonial is just one of the events of this Spring Equinox.

However, if you can't attend in person, fear not. There is a wonderful Inner Planes celebration and students of TRT® can join in from around the world.

Spring Equinox TRTAGB Inner Planes Celebrations: 19 – 23 March

This year the weekend of 19 – 23 March is special. A New Moon, an Eclipse of the Sun, and the Spring Equinox are all within a few days of each other.

Friday, 20 March: a Total Eclipse of the Sun is visible in the Faroe Islands with a partial eclipse visible in Britain. This Solar Alignment is a time of transformation for Planet Earth. It’s a wonderful occasion for renewing our commitment to our regular practice of the Cosmic Science of The Radiance Technique®.

Students of The First Degree of TRT®, as well as students of all other degrees can participate with TRT® hands-on.

..in the Inner Planes from Thursday 19 March to Monday 23 March. Devote extra time each day for revitalizing with TRT® hands-on.

If you’ve studied to The Second Degree (or beyond), pattern the Cosmic Symbols and use the techniques you know for Directing Energy and Attunements.

Whatever your plans for the Equinox on 20 March, the date marks the promise that Spring is on its way. We welcome the rebirth and blossoming on many levels.

Happy Spring Equinox.

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