Storms, Hurricanes And Flooding

Weather Events Across The U.S.

It's hurricane season and the United States is swirling in the midst of eventful storms and hurricanes. Following the news on the television, we are acutely aware of the risks, threats and damage that is occurring.

It is, indeed, nature being nature. Below is a weather image of Hurricane Irma.

In The Path Of The Storm

A storm, in and of itself, doesn't have a price tag on it. That exorbitant price comes from all the infrastructure that we've built that lies in the path of a storm and its resulting damage. The flooding in Houston after Hurricane Harvey was widespread and deep.

Recovery is expensive, but we choose to rebuild those structures, right in the same spot of destruction, because under non-storm circumstances, these are wonderful places to be.

Sometimes they say the storm is headed to an unpopulated area and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.. Well, unpopulated with humans, but there are many animals and plants living there and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of them, too. 

Support From Within

For my students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) – you are able to participate in supporting everyone and everything in the path of a storm. If you are a student of The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique®, you can direct radiant energy as taught by your Authorized Instructor.

TRT® is not a panacea or a magic wand. It doesn't make a storm disappear from existence or change the fact that it causes damage, or even that there might be loss of life. It's about aligning energies with wholeness even while things on the outside are chaotic, such as in a storm.

When you direct radiant energy., you weave radiant light within the inner planes and help to build an inner reservoir of energy that others can drink from deep inside. With TRT®, you access transcendental, universal energy that is beyond the outer planes.

Directing Radiant Energy With TRT®

You can direct energy to the hurricane or the storm, itself. You don't know, maybe it will support the hurricane to lessen or turn, but then again, it may not. It's not about controlling an outcome. 

It's about supporting a process in wholeness. The energy accessed with TRT® is always harmless.

You can direct to the people affected by the storm. Maybe that radiant energy will help someone calm a fear or support them to make a decision that is beneficial to them. 

Perhaps you'd like to help support all the animals, wild and domestic, that are impacted by the storm. Deep inside the structure of the inner planes, you are weaving radiant light and inner support for all of our creatures.

You won't know what support your inner work has provided. Your service will be in silence in the outer world. 

TRT® Hands-on, Radiant Touch®

Once you have studied TRT®, you have Radiant Touch®. When you apply Radiant Touch® as taught in your seminar, you access universal energy. Within your Radiant Touch®, you the learn TRT® hands-on with positions for the head, front and back that support the healing process.

As a student of The First Degree of The Radiance Technique®, remember to apply TRT® hands-on for yourself while watching the news. You can also apply TRT® with your meditation of the storm. You are bringing greater light to your own thoughts and fears that may arise about the storm. The strings of all our hearts hum together, and when you do TRT® hands-on, our hearts connect in energy beyond time and space.

Students of The Second Degree of TRT® will also want to remember to use their hands-on. TRT® hands-on and Radiant Touch® are important in all degrees of The Radiance Technique®.

Of course, there are also ways you can donate money or volunteer to help if you live close enough. Working from within and without, it's all about service to one another and the planet.