Earth Day Selfie – Every Day

A Selfie Of Planet Earth

22 April 2014

Earth Day – Celebrated Every Year

In case you're wondering how we looked on Earth Day this year, NASA snapped this selfie.

Can you see yourself?  You're there.  In the moment.

In fact, we're all there... together.

Perhaps that's the point.  Looking at this is a reminder of how we are all in this together.

That can either reassure us or terrorize us, depending on which day we look at it.

Fortunately, with The Radiance Technique®, we can direct radiant energy no matter what we're feeling in the moment.

A big thanks to NASA that we have this wonderful image as a reminder how we can direct radiant energy to Planet Earth and all of us.

Any time, any place.

How do you like your selfie?