San Francisco Cable Car Ride

A Cable Car Ride In The City

If you're going to San Francisco... not only do you have to wear some flowers in your hair, but you also have to take a cable car ride.

When I attended the Contraceptive Technology medical conference in San Francisco, I stayed at the Huntington Hotel which is perched on top of California Street, just across from Grace Cathedral.

The California Street cable car runs right in front of the hotel.

To My Conference via The Cable Car

On the first morning of the conference I bounded out the door of my hotel, late as usual, and spied the cable car paused on its tracks.  A gesture from the cable car gripman indicated it was okay to come aboard, so I hopped on to profit from a ride, instead of a long walk, to my conference that was being held in the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero.

Of course, this was after a quick check for traffic since you must take care to not be mowed down by a car or truck as you run into the street to climb aboard.

The Rhythms Of A Cable Car

Once on board, I was immediately overtaken by the familiar sounds and sensations of the cable car. The constant humming of the cable running below the tracks was almost a palpable vibration. Like a musical instrument, the grip handle ratcheted back and then released as if playing a rhythmic song.

The gripman applied the brakes and expertly clung to the cable that pulled us along. Sitting on the outer part of the car, l happily inhaled the fresh Pacific Ocean air, rich and full of life. Our departure from a stop was signaled by a tap-tap of the cable car bell, like a sweet cherry placed on top of this feast for the senses.

I couldn't get enough. I gulped in the sounds of whirring cables that pulled us up and down the great hill of California Street. In a video created with only my iPhone 5, I captured this noisy symphony.

Cable cars are not just for the tourists. To quote one travel writer, Kathryn Vercillo

This is a form of transportation, not a ride, and you should treat it with that respect and safety in mind.

This working activity of the cable cars gives them a real substance, a depth to their purpose.

Everyday office workers utilize the cable cars for their commute and to attend business meetings. Native San Franciscans can be seen catching a cable car for shopping or running errands. With a Muni pass, it's easy to hop on and off.

Take a look how this gripman, Val Luiz, describes working on the California cable car line in his blog "Tales from the Grip." May 2005, "California Here I Come".

California street evening view from the cable car

To deepen my participation in the fullness and delight of my cable car adventures, I also used The Radiance Technique® (TRT®). I could benefit from TRT® hands-on even while I was riding on the cable car.

TRT® is not just for when we have challenges. It's also for expanding the wonderful moments too.

Who couldn't use more joy?

Since TRT® can be used right in the moment, it supports the deepening of our joy and being fully present in the moment.

sutro tower at sunset from hotel

Good Night, San Francisco

Many secrets and sparkling gems are tucked among the hills of our beloved City by the Bay. 

The San Francisco cable cars are just one of many reasons to fall in love with The City.

And you? Is there something special in San Francisco that speaks to your heart?

*video and all photos taken with an iPhone 5


New Age, Old Age And Now Age

A Favorite Video

It's not a favorite video just because Patty Yuniverse (the main character) is adorable and funny with wonderful facial expressions – even though that's true.

What is striking about this video is how it was created with a loving sense of humor as Patty and her crew portray the caricatures of "new age speak."

Many videos with a similar theme miss the "loving" part.

Remembering Our New Age In San Francisco

I can't help but smile when I think back to when my dear friends and I lived in San Francisco in the 1980s. There we were, so many years ago, with all the vibrant energy of boundless youth. We scampered about, bantering nearly the same "new age" expressions.

Well, we didn't have the phrase, "I'm getting a download" since we lacked any personal computers in those days. (How did we get anything done back then?)

We did, however, have OM scarves just like in this photo. We also had incense, crystals, tarot cards, and yes, quantum physics. 

Even to this day a well-turned "New Age" phrase can be heard falling from our lips even though, with the movement of time, a shift to a more mainstream venue has occurred.

It's 2012!

Patty proclaims with equal joy and exasperation, "It's 2012!"

I can relate. More than once during 2012, you could hear me protest when things were moving too slowly, "For cryin' out loud, it's two thousand twelve!"

Maybe you can be new age at any age. Maybe even into old age. Perhaps it's just a variation on a theme.

Speaking of New Age aka the Age of Aquarius aka the Information Age – this video created by Elevate had well over one million viewings in less than a year's time. Talk about an immediate outreach unheard of in our last generations.

New Age Or Now Age?

Patty mentions in one of her other videos that perhaps "New Age" is a bit antiquated and that we might want to shift and call it "NOW age."

That has a nice ring to it. Now Age – why not? 

Whatever "age" we are, or about to be, I want The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) there with me. Use of TRT® brings healing, universal energy to all my activities and supports me on this bumpy road of life. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without it.

In today's "Now Age" we dream of an emphasis on loving and healing as the norm, woven in as a natural part of our lives. Of course, we'll also need to maintain a sense of humor and not take ourselves too seriously.

Remember when the Age of Aquarius was celebrated with this song from The Fifth Dimension?

In another age, it's 1969. Let the sun shine!

*YouTube video by Elevate used with permission