Forever Morning Of Awakening

I Wish It Could Be Forever Morning

Is it truly possible that in all these years of my life, I have really not done anything?

Isn't it strange that after achieving three university degrees, publishing two articles in medical journals, singing with the San Francisco International Opera, working in the legal field, living abroad, and providing medical care for thousands of patients, that you could feel like, well... haven't done that much.

It's as if that was then, and this is now.

No One Described This Part

No one tells you about this getting older part when everything turns inside out. When all the accomplishing, the achieving, the goals obtained, start to fade into dust-like particles.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad I did all those things, it's just that now...

What Will Be Of These Last Years Of My Life?

Assuming all goes well, knock on wood, I'll only have about another 20 to get things done. And even considering that, who cares what a 70-year-old says or does?

No one.

I'm already experiencing that in my 50s, it can only go down from here. Yikes. I feel like I've only got a day left to do everything.

Hence, why I want it to remain forever morning.

Early Morning Is Mystical

A forever morning evokes a precious jewel box, tucked inside is the sparkling promise of an entire day. The jewel held inside has awakening, coffee, projects, and plans. Everything can still be accomplished.

Heralded by those first rays of a dawning sun, an early morning is rich with secrets of all that is fresh and new. Yesterday's heavy energies are muted by the softness of a healing night that has passed.

This magical prelude to the day is brief. I drink it in with my coffee and savor the fleeting sparkles of the day's promises.

Wishing for it to linger, I attempt to persuade these ephemeral moments to tarry, but the steadfast sun pays me no heed and moves ever upward in its determined climb.

Full morning bursts upon the scene accompanied by a din of noise pouring forth from the flurry of activities.

Gratitude In Each Morning

Each morning graciously presents another opportunity to use The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) to enhance the journey of your day. You can travel from sunrise to sunset with TRT® hands-on, accessing universal light as you go.

Students of TRT® have the benefit of being able to use this technique any time, any place – not limited only to specific meditation times. You are able to bring more light not only to your mornings, but to the entire day and night. It's easy with ongoing use of TRT®.

A Forever Morning Of Awakening


In hazy dreams of awakening, we awaken to the morning. We awaken to the meaning of our lives.

We are striding into a forever morning of awakening. Sometimes, we're stumbling. It's okay. Keep going.

Only that day dawns to which we are awake.
— Henry David Thoreau

I have no idea, in all honesty, what that quote really means, but I have always liked it.

I'll catch myself quoting it in my head fairly often. Each time I do, I shake my head and wonder, "But what, in heaven's name, does that mean?"

No matter. Just keep awakening.


The Winding Road Of Life

Heading Down The Road Of Life

On the "long and winding road" of life... we often find ourselves launched on a discovery process of personal growth.

The further we go into our awareness, the more we start to experience a shift of our focus. Instead of looking only at the minute details of every particular situation, our vision widens to a more inclusive, all-embracing view.

It's that common saying: you can't see the forest for the trees.

In this case, instead of seeing the trees, you start to see the forest.

Our perspective becomes more universal, like broad brush strokes sweeping through the inner landscape.

From Doing To Being

So much of our lives is about doing.

Doing, doing, doing – it becomes a chant of our daily lives. Accomplish this, finish that. Naturally, that's just what we do.

But over time, the accomplishments start to lessen. After all, we have already accomplished so much. It becomes less about the things I do and more about the steadiness of I am.

We shift from the I, and even the you, to a more inclusive state of being. A broader awareness emerges like widening ripples on an infinity pool.

As we move from doing to being, so does our love. Love that has been driven by accomplishment, love that has had to achieve love, now relaxes into simply being love.

Being Love Instead Of Doing Love

On the meditative journey, a shift begins.

The emphasis on doing transforms to a state of being.

Our loving is not so much something we attain and hold forth for all to see, but rather something we are. It's no longer based on the people or circumstances surrounding us.

You're not doing love. You are being love.

The object of your love fades away into pure love. The *I* and the *you* drop off and all you're left with is love.

I love you, I love you, I love you

I love, I love, I love

love, love, love


For travelers on this winding road of life, the use of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) is supportive of your discovery process. As we access universal energy, we expand the qualities of wholeness in our lives, such as real love.

Simple to use, TRT® widens your perceptions and expands awareness. Use of TRT® hands-on deepens the energy of loving in your life.

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.
— Gary Zukav

I couldn't leave you without sharing The Beatles song I think of every time I hear the words "long and winding road."