Pap Smear Results In Medicine

Schedule A Colposcopy

The smooth glass doors swooshed open, welcoming Meagan into the sprawling medical center. Chilly, hyper air-conditioned air engulfed her and washed over her bare arms. She briefly wondered about the energy bill to keep such a large building so cool even as the outside temperatures soared.

Meagan turned left and headed for the elevators that would transport her to the Gynecology (GYN) clinic. Her appointment was in 20 minutes. Pushing the up button, she thought about the phone call she received two weeks ago. She placed one hand on her abdomen to apply The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) to help with the jittery feelings that were building.

The words floated through her cell phone, "Your Pap is abnormal." 


The result that every woman dreads and, here, the words were being said to her. Her cervical Pap smear result was abnormal.

Meagan entered the elevator and pushed the third floor button. Keeping her hand on her abdomen, she willed herself to take a deep breath.

"What does that mean?" Meagan gripped her cell phone with one hand while placing her other hand on her heart to steady herself with the universal energy accessed with TRT®.

Call It Colpo For Short

Her GYN nurse practitioner continued, "The results are low-grade. That means it's mild, but we still have to take a look to make sure. You need to schedule a colposcopy."

"A what?"

"A colposcopy," repeated the nurse practitioner through the phone. "It's a procedure. We take a few biopsies of the cervix and send them to lab for evaluation. It's really not anything to worry about."

Why did she always feel like she was dying when faced with any abnormal medical results? It seems easy for healthcare providers to say it's nothing to worry about.

As the elevator lifted her through space, she added her other hand to her heart and closed her eyes for a moment, focusing on her TRT® hands-on

"We call it colpo for short." Her nurse practitioner spelled it out for her. "C.O.L.P.O. When you call the front desk to schedule your appointment, tell them you spoke to me and that you need a colpo. They'll know exactly what it is and get you set up. We'll see you soon."

Not-Always-Helpful Google

Once Meagan hung up, she googled everything in sight regarding abnormal cervical Pap smears. Words like HPV, cancer, biopsy, and additional words like low grade, high grade, and LEEP swirled in front of her.

At one point, she stopped looking. The more she read, the more she was convinced she was dying of a wicked disease. She was pretty sure that was not true. She'd wait and ask questions at her appointment. 

During the two weeks prior to her appointment, Meagan carved out extra time in her busy schedule for TRT® hands-on, especially Front Position #4. At other times, she used one hand on her heart and one on her abdomen to help calm feelings of anxiety.

Applying TRT® was not a one-time event. She continued to use hands-on whenever the fears crept back in.

The elevator doors opened. Her heart skipped a beat as she stepped out and turned the corner to enter the GYN clinic.

Those familiar "why me" feelings jostled their way into her thinking. As she opened the clinic door, she mentally directed a cosmic symbol that she learned in The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique® to help balance her jumbled thoughts.

Check In For Your Appointment

Meagan stepped up to the front desk of the GYN clinic.

"Good morning. Checking in?" asked the clerk with a cheery voice. 

"Yes," Meagan put on a brave face that belied her true feelings. "I've got an appointment for a colpo." She felt oddly savvy using this word.

The clerk confirmed her identification and clicked and clacked her mouse at the computer. "Okay, you're checked in. Go ahead and have a seat. Your tech will call you shortly."

Meagan settled into a seat in the waiting room. She had both hands on her abdomen now to help with the increasing nervousness. 

The inner clinic door swept open to reveal a smiling woman wearing bright pink scrubs. 


Meagan stood up, keeping one hand on her abdomen.

"Come on back.” The technician guided her through several hallways that all looked the same.  “We'll get some vital signs and then set you up in an exam room."

"Don't worry," she reassured, noting the look of apprehension on Meagan's face. "Your nurse practitioner does these all the time. You'll be fine."

Meagan steadied herself and imaged a cosmic symbol in her mind's eye.

Into The Exam Room

The technician ushered her into an exam room which to Meagan felt like the proverbial lion's den. Medical instruments and cups filled with liquid were lined up on a tray like obedient tin soldiers. A large machine on rollers dominated the room.

A sinking feeling crept into the pit of her stomach as she contemplated that they were, indeed, going to take biopsies of her cervix.

The technician handed her a starched, green sheet to drape over herself during the procedure. "I'll step out while you change. Clothes off from the waist down, socks can stay on. Your nurse practitioner will be here in a minute. We'll take good care of you."

Meagan slipped off her clothes and patterned a spiral as she sat down on the edge of the exam table tucking the stiff sheet around her waist. She silently repeated words of encouragement to herself. 

"I can do this. I can get through this."


Laughter Is Part Of The Healing Process

Laughter In The Healing Process

This clever video of a dog "talking" about getting a new kitten makes me smile. I must confess, having watched it over and over, it never fails to brighten up my day.

Medical Screening Exams

As a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, I often perform screening exams for women. This important part of my patient care includes lab work, mammograms, and pap smears of the cervix. One type of patient I care for routinely – women with abnormal pap smears.

Dealing With Abnormal Results

If a patient has an abnormal pap smear result, the cervix is further evaluated with a microscope procedure called a colposcopy. If the results are mild, we then have a waiting period of 12 months before we test again for the HPV virus (human papillomavirus).

We need that time to allow the immune system to rise up and "clear" the virus. The immune system must recognize the virus is there and then push it back behind a "gate."  Once that takes place, it is no longer detected on the cervix. If the virus is not there, it can't make changes to the cervix.

What Can I Do To Treat HPV?

Invariably a patient asks what she can do to treat HPV.

Is there a pill, some kind of drug she can take?

There are no medications for HPV. Instead, we help our immune system to be strong so it can suppress the virus. I always tell my patients about healthy eating, good exercise, adequate rest, no smoking, decrease stress and... laughter.

Take Some Laughter, Call Me In The Morning

Medical research shows that laughter and humor can boost the immune system and promote healing.  Laughter is considered to be a "natural medicine" that lifts our spirits and helps reduce stress and discomfort. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America integrate Laughter Therapy into their care of patients.


Healing Laughter With The Radiance Technique®

For students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) – expand and deepen the healing of your laughter by using TRT® hands-on when you are laughing. You can place one hand, or both, in your solar plexus and/or in your heart, or use TRT® hands-on at your throat while you're laughing.

Use of TRT® can strengthen your immune system, because it helps you to decrease stress, increase relaxation, and promote better sleep. This is important when faced with health challenges.

TRT® and Laughter Therapy, combined with a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep, are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

May laughter bubble forth in your healing with The Radiance Technique®.