To Have Or Not To Have Is The Question

Time For Spring Cleaning

It's spring and that means it's time for spring cleaning and decluttering. Time to downsize, to get the cobwebs out of our closets and cupboards.

It's about finding the right balance between having things and not having things.

Some things we need.

Some things we need every day, while other things, we need once in awhile.

Some things sit in our closets and we don't need them at all, but for some reason they keep sitting there.

Below: items to be donated.

Moving Is A Great Time To Declutter

Often in the past, when I've been faced with a move, I've been too busy with work, a million appointments and rushing off to the next assignment to be able to have enough time to sort through things.

Sometimes I toss things out in a fit of "oh my god, I have too much stuff" and too eagerly let go of things only to find that I regret it and need it later. Other times, I simply shake my head and think, "oh well, just pack it and move it" – with the plan that I'll deal with it later.

Later Is Now

Well, here it is. Later is now.

For this next step in my life, I actually have some time to calmly (for the most part) contemplate items and consider if they serve a function. I'm using function as the strongest criteria for keeping something. However, I'm still keeping quite enough items for their sentimental value.

The debate consists of determining if their sentimental value is strong enough to keep them despite their lack of functionality. It's all about finding balance.

Time To Declutter

Even if you're not moving, you may still feel inclined to tidy up. One source of inspiration is Marie Kondo, the Japanese guru of decluttering.

Kondo advocates that an important aspect of letting go is to acknowledge an item and say thank you for their energy in your life. Then you accept that it's now time to say goodbye to it.

She holds that it's more in balance to honor things that have been in your life, even as you say goodbye, instead of tossing them with disdain.

It is to be touched, thanked and ceremonially sent on its way towards a better life elsewhere, where it can discover a more appreciative owner.
— Marie Kondo

Japanese Style

Having lived in Japan, I can certainly attest to the organization and tidiness of the Japanese culture. I've never had such beautifully wrapped packages of simple items I purchased from the department store. I almost hated to unwrap them once I got home. 

For students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) – you have a wonderful opportunity to use TRT® hands-on with the objects in your life. You can also apply hands-on in your heart center or in several head positions to clarify if they go into the discard or keep pile.

Placing a hand in Front Position #1 and/or #3 can also help with those pangs of loss we might experience. While it can be liberating to let go of things, it can also have a sense of loss associated with it.

If you haven’t communed with your socks lately, thanked your shoes for their hard work or bowed (at least mentally) to your home in appreciation, maybe it’s time to consider doing so.

Spring is the perfect time to look around your home to see how you might tidy up and reorganize.

Do you feel inspired to spring clean and declutter now that spring has sprung?