As The Party Winds Down

Beginning With Flower Buds

In a previous post, I wrote about the Agapanthus flowers in my backyard and their riotous party. 

It all started innocently enough. Here, tight buds whisper among themselves about the explosion of color that will come from their blooms. 

Long stems stretch up and up into the sky, eager to show off their displays of blue-purple flowers.

Agapanthus buds make preparations for a blooming party.

Flowers Bloom

Flowers bloom with hearts wide open, tossing their colors across the yard.

The Sweet Calm Of Ripening

But, like all good times, the party has to wind down. After the wild blooming, the calm of ripening unfolds as blossoms give way to seed pods.

Here, a ripening pod plays peek-a-boo as it pushes its way out from flower petals.

Seed Pods

Agapanthus seed pods are no less rich and satisfying to behold in their fullness than the flowers themselves. Their long, green pods gleam in the sun, humming with the renewal of life. They tantalize with their shiny fruit.

Late Bloomers

They say there's always a late bloomer, and it proved no less true amongst these flowers. Below, a blossoming flower proudly sings its song even while the rest of the flowers have already turned into seed pods. 

Flowers Fill Our Hearts

Such abundance and love these flowers share, easily and freely. A grateful smile that I could witness their beauty. 

I was able to bring The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) to the full process of buds, flowers, pods and then quiescence. With TRT® hands-on, I touched the flowers with radiant energy (mindful of the bees!).

With The Second Degree of TRT®, I directed loving energy to the flowers, even as I watched them from my kitchen window. 

As we say goodbye to this season's blossoms, it's a bittersweet farewell since I won't get to see them next year. I'll have to be "in touch" with them from the inner light that we shared.

A new family lives there now. I hope they'll appreciate these glorious flowers known as Agapanthus and won't mind their wild and crazy parties!