A Riotous Party Of Flowers

A Wild Celebration Of Purple

A cacophony of color has exploded in my backyard as Agapanthus flowers throw a party of riotous purple.

I'm usually not one for loud parties, but in this case, I have to smile every time I look out my window and behold the blaze of life-affirming color filling the yard. I never pick them. I let them live in all their beauty, anchored in the earth's thick clay.

Agapanthus Flowers Celebrate Life

Agapanthus flowers celebrate life with wild abandon as they stretch their purple colors up to a sky of blue. They welcome buzzing pollinators with joy. 

These flowers are nature's fireworks – bursts of purple streaks held in sunbeams, suspended in time for us to behold. 

Flowery Fireworks

No fear of fires started or damaged property, Agapanthus spreads loving blooms of color with everyone. 

No loud and scary explosions, the flowers erupt into gentle petals and delicious nectar that honey bees can't resist.

Yes, this is my favorite sort of celebration and fireworks. A riotous party of pure nature.

Communing With Nature

Students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can dance with all the parties of nature. With TRT® hands-on, you can commune with flowers. You can place your hands on the flowers themselves, getting in touch with the fire of life in their petals. 

You can also spend time in the garden with the flowers and apply TRT® hands-on for yourself in various positions. Expand your awareness of the wholeness within nature and our deep inner-connection with the life force of our planet.

Front Position #1, in the heart, is wonderful to expand your loving connection with nature.

You Deserve The Gift Of Flowers

There's no unwritten rule that someone else should bring you flowers. You can treat yourself to flowers whenever you desire.

Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.

Perhaps there are certain flowers that touch your heart. You can find them in a backyard, a park, or in a local flower shop.

You don't even have to pick them, just let them bloom in your heart.