Heart Crumble And A Red-Winged Blackbird

A Red-Winged Blackbird

I do my walk/jog on my lunch break in a field off to the side of the hospital.

There's a red-winged blackbird that must have a nest near-by. 

He is always perched on tall grasses, in the same spot, and every time I go past, up into the air he goes, flitting above my head, scolding and chastising me until I move further away.

This same activity occurs when I return.

painting by Sandra Merwin

Sweetness And Courage

I wish I could somehow reassure him that I will not go near his nest, but my human communication fails to cross the divide.

Instead, I simply direct radiant energy with The Radiance Technique® to this little, brave being. Brave because, after all, he is so small and I am so big in comparison.

Despite our gargantuan size difference, his little heart of courage beats strong. He refuses to be intimidated a lumbering, clunky human passing by.

His sweetness, courage and tenacity crumble my heart into tiny pieces in the holy wonder and love of "all God's creatures, great and small."