She Laughs Without Fear Of The Future

Radiant Nursing honors all women 

for their courage, persistence and love.

It's Mother's Day!


Strength And Dignity

What a wonderful moment to acknowledge and remember all the women who have touched our lives.

I like this quote in Proverbs where it says:

...she laughs without fear of the future.

That line captures an essence of her courage. It's hard, sometimes, not to fear the future, isn't it?

What do we fear about the future?  It can be fear of the unknown, of hardships that might befall us, aging and illness, world situations, or losses that may be coming.

And, to be honest, all of these challenges will happen at one point or another in our lives, won't they?

Yet, this woman will meet life's challenges with courage and love.

Courage And Love

Courage is a quality within all of us.

In The New Expanded Reference Manual of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®, Third Edition, by Dr. Barbara Ray, Ph.D. – the entry on Courage is found on page 65:

COURAGE - In higher consciousness refers to an inner quality of Light, a quality of the Soul.
The word itself comes from “cœur” in French, meaning of the heart, and means an inner energy of the “inner heart” which is steady and ongoing no matter what the process of the outer polarities and cycles.
The Radiance Technique® puts you in “radiant touch” with these deeper inner qualities of Light.

Happy Mother's Day

Do you know women like this?

Perhaps you're one of them.


Heart Crumble And A Red-Winged Blackbird

A Red-Winged Blackbird

I do my walk/jog on my lunch break in a field off to the side of the hospital.

There's a red-winged blackbird that must have a nest near-by. 

He is always perched on tall grasses, in the same spot, and every time I go past, up into the air he goes, flitting above my head, scolding and chastising me until I move further away.

This same activity occurs when I return.

painting by Sandra Merwin

Sweetness And Courage

I wish I could somehow reassure him that I will not go near his nest, but my human communication fails to cross the divide.

Instead, I simply direct radiant energy with The Radiance Technique® to this little, brave being. Brave because, after all, he is so small and I am so big in comparison.

Despite our gargantuan size difference, his little heart of courage beats strong. He refuses to be intimidated a lumbering, clunky human passing by.

His sweetness, courage and tenacity crumble my heart into tiny pieces in the holy wonder and love of "all God's creatures, great and small."