Sailing Through The Holidays

The Festive Season – Holidays Are Here

The fun and joy of the holidays are upon us. But, uh oh, along with that comes more stress that is associated with the many activities.

Family expectations, travel plans, budget limits, menus and holiday treats to prepare, all of these activities can be demanding.

Remember To Use The Radiance Technique®

The holidays are an especially good time for students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) to use their TRT® hands-on. Use of TRT® promotes clarity and relaxation which helps to decrease stress.

TRT® When You Have Limited Time

One sure-fire way to help decrease stress is to start your day with a full TRT® hands-on session.

What if you don't have time for a full hands-on session that morning?

You can spend five minutes in each of the first three head positions. Let these 15 minutes anchor your day in radiant light.

Then, use TRT® throughout the rest of your day.

For example, you can do on-the-spot TRT® hands-on in the car waiting for the light to change. (Just how long are some of these stop lights anyway?) While waiting at a light, you can place one hand on your abdomen. It helps to balance impatience.

How about doing some TRT® hands-on whilst standing in the check-out line at the store? You may as well benefit from some relaxation while you're waiting. When you're in line, you can place a hand on your heart, or abdomen, or even on the lower back to help decrease stress.

Managing Your Time During The Holidays

Here are some good tips from the Cleveland Clinic for helping you to manage stress:

  • Set priorities and let go of impossible goals

  • Stop to enjoy the fruits of your labor

  • Don't spend all of your time planning activities for your family. You might end up feeling drained and unappreciated

  • Take the time you need to finish tasks that are important to you. Don't try to complete everything at once

  • Ask others, including the kids, to help you complete chores

  • Rest when your body tells you to

During times of rest, it is especially helpful to do your TRT® hands-on. You don't have to think about it (it's not a mental technique), just close your eyes and relax. You can even go to sleep with your hands-on and still benefit from healing energy.

Sail Through Your Holidays

Don't just survive the holidays. Sail through them.

Make use of these tips to help you navigate through this busy time of year.