Hummingbird aka Kiss-Flower

Hummingbirds And Honey Bees

Getting ready for work one morning, I looked out my kitchen window and spied a hummingbird flitting amongst the flowering bushes in my backyard.

As the hummingbird lifted up from sipping a flower, it stopped mid-air. A honey bee had appeared and the two of them hovered in space directly facing one another. Long moments passed while they had, what appeared to be, quite a serious conversation.

Inter-Species Conversation

It was amazing to see this take place, suspended in the air, right in front of me. Remarkable, because hummingbirds and bees are some of the rare species that can actually hover.

They both flew a few inches further and then stopped again, bee nose to hummingbird beak. It would appear there was more to say. It really did seem that they chatted with purpose and intensity.

Then, the honey bee buzzed off into space and the hummingbird zipped back to another tempting flower. I couldn't tell who had the final word.

For the rest of the morning I wondered what that conversation was all about. Perhaps they were discussing the merits of the nearby flowers. Perhaps they were disputing territorial rights. Or, perhaps, it was a simple inter-species conversation of, "Hey, I see you. You can hover too!"

One of the unsolved, only witnessed, mysteries of nature.

Also Known As Kiss-Flower

One of my friends, whose heritage hails from Portugal, informed me that the word for hummingbird in Portuguese is "beija-flor."  This translates literally into "Kiss-Flower."

Talk about poetic language. "It was delightful to see a Kiss-Flower in my garden today."

Connecting With Nature With TRT®

When you're outside, you can use The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) to expand your awareness of nature. It's possible to deepen your connection with plants and wildlife through the use of TRT® hands-on while observing the many creatures who share the planet with us.

There is much to be learned from nature, even in our own backyards. As we watch hummingbirds and honey bees flit from blossom to blossom and listen to their buzzing sounds as they zoom here and there, our hearts are reminded to rejoice in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

May you be blessed with many Kiss-Flowers (beija-flores – hummingbirds) and honey bees in your garden.