Heart Shine This Holiday Weekend

Holiday Weekend

Woohoo. It's the holiday weekend and for many people that means time off from work.

Three days off. Time to let your heart and body relax.

Do you have plans?

Hopefully some of your weekend plans include a little "R & R" – rest and recreation.

A picnic or barbecue. Maybe something simple like taking a blanket and a good book to the park. 

Or maybe some time to sit on your back porch with a cup of coffee. Perhaps some time is allowed to set down the smartphone.

Whatever you have planned, you can bring some healing to your activity, whether you're munching at a picnic or resting in a lounge chair.

Relax And Let Your Heart Shine

Use of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) brings healing and relaxation and is great to use during the holiday weekend.

For students of The Radiance Technique® – you can apply your TRT® hands-on:

  • while you're riding in the car to get to a picnic or an outdoor party – you can apply TRT® hands-on your solar plexus or your heart  
  • preparing your food – take a few moments to use your hands-on over your food during preparation
  • sitting around with people – it's easy to place one hand on your abdomen while listening and talking to people

When we have a holiday weekend, it's nice to carve out some extra time for extended TRT® hands-on. For example, you can apply 10 minutes in the heart center or 20 minutes in the solar plexus. Focus on whatever hands-on position seems right for you in the moment.

Use of TRT® hands-on opens the gateway to healing and the more healing we experience, the more our heart shines through whatever we are doing.

There Is Virtue In Rest

Relax into the universal energy accessed through The Radiance Technique® and replenish your energy that gets sapped during the busy work week.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.