Save This Article On Pet Loss For A Rainy Day

A Reference For When Pet Loss Occurs

Mark this post so you can refer to it when needed. This contains the 4-Part Series of articles on pet loss. Save it in your favorites, on a Pinterest board, in Evernote or Dropbox, wherever it is that you save articles.

With all four of them in one post, you have quick and easy access. You won't have to hunt around for them.

Make a "note to self" where it is. You may not need it for another 5 or even 10 years. Hopefully your pets are strong and healthy as you read this. But one day, these articles will come in handy for you. This 4-part series won't tell you "what to do" – but, rather, give you ideas of what is available for you. You'll know, from deep inside, what is right in your situation.

Part 1 – The Sorrow In A Song Of Loss

This article starts at the moment of we know we have to say goodbye and in the initial days of loss. Expressed in short phrases when sorrow is great, because even long prose is too much weight to bear.

Perhaps only some of the phrases resonate for you or speak to you. That's okay. Sometimes reading the words of loss of others helps us not to feel so alone.

There are also ideas of how to support yourself through loss with use of The Radiance Technique®.

Part 2 – Saying Goodbye To Our Pets

This article is the full process of saying goodbye to our pets. The decisions of how we will go forward with it – in-home euthanasia or taking the pet to the vet. Here we support in-home euthanasia and yet, acknowledge and respect different choices. 

An important tip here is the use of a chux during the process. In my experience, no one mentions this, so it will be up to you to advocate for yourself and have a chux ready, whether at home or at the vet.

Part 3 – Prepare For The Goodbye To Our Pets

This article looks at the preparation you may want to take for your goodbyes. Discussed is how students of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) can support themselves and their pets with TRT® hands-on as well as directing of energy.

It also prepares you for how fast it is and supports you in the grieving process. It talks about deep grief, great love and the path we walk during this time.

Part 4 – Give Other Pets Time To Say Goodbye

What a blessing we give our other four-legged members of the family – time for them to grieve and acknowledge that their furry comrade-in-arms has fallen. This is as important for the human members of the family as it is for the furry ones. 

Through many of the articles, we talk about Lap of Love – A Veterinary Hospice & In-Home Euthanasia as an in-home euthanasia service. They are a wonderful resource for information to help you and your pet through the end-of-life process.

Create An End-of-Life Pet Fund

An important take-aways from this series is the idea of setting aside an "end-of-life pet fund." Over these many years of happiness with your pets, it is worthwhile to set aside money in a special fund that won't be touched until the day comes. A little nest egg of even $300–500 will be a welcome relief when the time of loss arrives.

You will then be able to make decisions based on what your heart tells you, not just on what your wallet says. It gives you freedom of choice.

Prepare For Pet Loss

No one wants to think about this, that a time of goodbye looms ahead for all of us. Yet, I firmly believe "forearmed is forewarned" and knowing our choices ahead of time benefits everyone. 

Tuck this away, somewhere where you can find it again.

And, in the meantime, carry on – enjoy, play, and create all the love you are able to muster with your beloved pet.