The Sea Beckons

Time To Say Arrgggh!

'Tis our illustrious Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Aye, on September 19, every year, ye best be sayin' Arrgggh and Ahoy and toss in an Avast to get someone's attention!

Pirates And The Sea

When we invoke pirates, we always call forth the sea and its magical allure. Siren songs float in the waves like driftwood. Mermaids coax us into the watery depths. 

What is the swirl of tides that echoes in our pulsing veins?

As the moon pushes and pulls at the shore, does the salty water in our own bodies long to join in the dance?

Wild Sea, She Be A-Callin'

A mesmerizing whisper in the lapping of waves at the shore's edge brings a primordial recognition. Sometimes, it's as if we see something out of the corner of our eye. Or, it's a sound we thought we heard behind us, but no one is there. 

Hello, did someone call me home? 

When the sun touches the water, our hearts leap. Our pulse quickens as we stare in wonder at the sparkling diamonds of sunlight. Precious jewels available to one and all.

Primordial Call

Could we crawl back into the sea and swim with the dolphins and whales? Not as separate humans, but as sea mammals, together, smiling knowingly at one another? We could whirl through the uncharted depths of dark and light liquid and open wide our hearts until they fill the entire ocean. 

We can connect with the sea at deeper levels with our use of The Radiance Technique® (TRT®). Being near the sea, we can spend time with our TRT® hands-on, expanding our awareness of our connection to water.

At The Second Degree of TRT®, we can direct radiant energy to sea life and the water itself. Our entire planet needs support on many levels. Directing supports the weaving of wholeness of inner light for the sea.

Perhaps you're less enamored with the sea, and more intrigued with desert or mountains. Let it be your own discovery process.

Planet Water

Planet Earth should be called Planet Water given that it's much more water than earth. Our human-centric viewpoint defines everything through our own limited eyes, seldom stretching past our own awareness. But, sometimes, secrets from the sea are revealed and we wonder, might there be other perceptions of reality just as relevant as our own?

A Life At Sea

Let Talk Like A Pirate Day carry you away.

Imagine a life at sea. The briny odor of salt water swirls inside you as you sniff the air. Your sea legs know, without thinking, how to shift with the roll and swell of the waves.

It's a time when we traveled between distant lands on great, grand ships instead of winding our way, huddled together, in security lines at airports.

Just for a day, go ahead and have a Pirate Heart that loves the sea and dreams of hidden treasure.